Ennis, MartinActivities ManagerManager of Activities supporting both staff and student groups including the development of JCRS, clubs and societies. Oversees health and safety for LUSU and its affiliated groups.LUSU (01524) 5-92579


Gardner, MarkSports Participation CoordinatorLUSU 01524 5-94548


Jackson, KateSocieties and Community ManagerSupporting students in societies, volunteering and enterprise on campus and in the community.LUSU (01524) 5-10849


James, PatrickSocieties CoordinatorLUSU 01524 5-94134


Jenkinson, CarolineSports Co-ordinatorOffers support to the BUCS groups and other competitive clubs including the organisation of BUCS fixtures.LUSU (01524) 5-92882


Nash, DanielleSports Development ManagerManaging the delivery of our sports development programme for our members to enjoy competitive and recreational participation in sport and well being activities.LUSU (01524) 5-94046


Pridmore, AbbyStudent Participation Co-ordinatorCoordinating Just Play activityLUSU 01524 5-94670


Geddes, ClaireChief ExecutiveChief Executive for LUSULUSU (01524) 5-94022


Longmire, VeronicaDepartmental AdministratorDepartmental Administrator for LUSU, offering administrative support to the Chief Executive.LUSU (01524) 5-93768


Matthews, BenDeputy Chief ExecutiveManages student activities, overseas, enterprise and volunteering opportunities as well as enhancing partnerships, working with the colleges, strengthening communications and impact and undertaking other special projects.LUSU (01524) 5-92063


Cooke, AllisonRetail ManagerManages our two on campus retail outlets: LUSU Central, our convenience store and LUSU shop which sells stationery, snacks and university memorabilia.LUSU (01524) 5-94275 / (01524) 35401


Hall, PatrickSugarhouse Assistant ManagerLUSU 01524 635080


Hope, ChloeSenior Retail AssistantAssists in the day to day operations of the LUSU retail shops.LUSU (01524) 5-92116 / (01524) 35401

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Hubner, DiegoSenior Retail AssistantLUSU


Kay, SallySugarhouse Venue ManagerRuns LUSU’s nightclub, the Sugarhouse.LUSU (01524) 63508

Stu Powers

Powers, StuartCommercial Marketing and Support ManagerManages the Marketing Team which is responsible for campus promotional activity, the Purple card and offering insight in to our Commercial Services.LUSU (01524) 5-93422


Rostern, AimeeSugarhouse Assistant ManagerLUSU 01524 635080


Shaw, VickySenior Retail AssistantRetail Assistant in LUSU shop and Central.LUSU (01524) 5-92116 / (01524) 35401


Stables, MatthewAssistant Retail ManagerBased in LUSU Shop, main contact and main contact for University memorabilia.LUSU (01524) 5-92116


Thornton, LorraineSenior Retail AssistantWorking in LUSU shops.LUSU (01524) 5-92116 / (01524) 35401


Bardsley, AdamHead of Communications and ITOversees LUSU Communications and IT services.LUSU (01524) 5-92700


Everill, PaulInformation Systems Support Co-ordinatorSupporting LUSU staff in day to day IT issues and furthering IT development for internal systems.LUSU (01524) 5-93478


Hart, BobCommunications ManagerOverseeing the communications department and team of student staff on the solutions team, as well as internal and external communications.LUSU 01524 (5) 94203

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Harvey, RachelCommunications AssistantCommunication through the LUSU Social media channels such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter, website and emails such as Squeak. Support on all communications internal and external and keep photography up to date.LUSU 01524 5-93760


Thorley, IainGraphic DesignerLUSU 01524 5-93762


Hillier, JanetAccounts AssistantAssists in the day to day running of the Finance Office mainly supporting the JCRs, Admin offices, involve and payment of student staff wages.LUSU (01524) 5-92575


Morgan Jones, JaneFinancial ControllerIn charge of the Union’s Financial services, accounts and insurance.LUSU (01524) 5-92212


Rhodes, MichaelAccounts AssistantLUSU 01524 5-92575


Histon, RebekahAccounts AssistantLUSU 01524 5-94264


Cleminson , KirstiLUSU Living AssistantAssists in the day to day running of the LUSU Living office.LUSU (01524) 5-92170


Lewis, MaryLUSU Living Assistant ManagerDuties include liaising with landlords and students to provide quality off campus accommodation and service.LUSU (01524) 5-93261


Lockley, DawnLUSU Living AssistantAssists in the day to day running of the LUSU Living office.LUSU (01524) 5-93084


Verden, CarolineLUSU Living Senior Clerical AssistantAssists in the day to day running of the LUSU Living office, liaising with landlords and student tenants.LUSU (01524) 5-94182


Ward, MatthewLUSU Living ManagerManages LUSU Living which provides quality off campus accommodation for students in the Lancaster area.LUSU (01524) 5-94003


Balis, GerasimosInnovation CoordinatorLUSU 01524 5-93997


Bourne, JoeInnovation and Development Initiatives managerLUSU (01524) 5-92169


Devaux, JuliaInternational Programme ManagerHelping students gain international experience.LUSU (01524) 5-92949


Fox, TomInternational Programme CoordinatorLUSU 01524 5-93501


Cottam, ChrisEducation and Support ManagerManages the operations of LUSU Education and Support. Responsible for overseeing educational research activity, supporting LUSU policy creation, developing support services and providing advice to students.LUSU (01524) 5-94327


Hall, SuEducation and Representation AdviserSupports student representatives in departments, colleges and across campus and gives advice.LUSU (01524) 5-92851


Jones, ChristineEducation and Support AdviserGives one to one advice including financial, accommodation and academic issues.LUSU (01524) 5-93769


Axe, DarrenEnvironmental Projects CoordinatorCo-ordinates Environmental Volunteering projects, bike sales, the Exodus Re-Use Project and the Campus Eco-HubLUSU (01524) 5-93681

 Amy photo

Goodwin, AmySchools Volunteer CoordinatorSupporting students to take part in schools volunteering opportunitiesLUSU 01524 5-92828


Hutchinson, SarahLUSU Involve ManagerManages the operations of LUSU's volunteering, environmental and overseas projects.LUSU (01524) 5-93693


Lockwood, CarlaSchools Partnership ManagerSupporting students to gain exciting and innovative volunteering opportunities within schools.LUSU (01524) 5-92788