BUCS stands for British University and College Sport. It is a membership group that organises levels of competitive play within institutions around the North-West. At Lancaster, we have 36 BUCS clubs and 78 competiting teams. 

Currently we are ranked #45 in the country. For more information, follow this link <new website>

Can I play sports without joining a BUCS team? 

Here at LUSU, we make sure we cater for everyone. As well as BUCS teams, we also have intercollege teams and an activity scheme ran by LUSU called JustPlay where you can pay just £2 for a session in a variety of sports thorughout the year. Many sports are also classed as societies and can be joined by anyone, whether for competitive sport or as a recreational hobby. Simply look at our societies list to see something you'll like! And if it's not there, you can easily create a new society here at LUSU.