What injections do I need? 

You will need to speak to a health care professional about what immunisations are required in your personal circumstances (this is most commonly done through your GP). Participants must pay for their own injections, but it is often the case that required immunisations can be obtained at no cost from the NHS.  Take a look at these web links for more info:

Do you need malaria tablets to go to Malaysia, India, Ghana or China? 

You will need to consult a health care professional to see whether malaria tablets are required for your trip. Please see the links above for general medical guidance. 

Do people tend to get ill form the water/food? 

People react in different ways to the new food and drinks that they encounter while overseas. You are advised to drink bottled water to avoid illness, which will be readily available. If offered food from street traders we suggest that you don’t eat this as it can make you sick, especially in the first part of the trip while your stomach is still adjusting. Food included in the programme price will be served from established and reputable food vendors, so should be safe to eat. We will cover this in more detail should you be accepted for the trip.